Four Keys to Building Resilience as We Age

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Having resilience is critically important as we age. There are so many joys and passions to pursue in our later years, but to keep going, doing, and living, each of us will have to be resilient in the face of curveballs that life will throw our way.

We develop resilience by overcoming emotional challenges and tough times. Just like developing a muscle involves creating micro tears that are then repaired to make it stronger and more resilient, our emotional stability strengthens as we navigate and overcome life's challenges with age.

It's hard to look at major setbacks and challenges as something good, but if you want to continue to live an active, engaged life, resilience is key. Having resilience doesn't mean you experience less distress, grief, or anxiety. It just means that you have the healthy coping skills that allow you to not just bounce back, but to survive and to thrive afterward. To grow, to emerge stronger than before, and seize the gift of more time.

Resilience isn't a personality trait. It's not something we’re born with or born without. We have to develop resilience, and the good news is that anyone can. Here are four keys to building resilience:

1: Connect with empathetic people. The kind people we meet and interact with every day remind us that we're not alone in the midst of our difficulties.

2: Prepare for the inevitable, and sometimes unexpected, setbacks of life with positive lifestyle choices. We can prepare with great nutrition, lots of sleep, and regular exercise, all of which can reduce the toll that trauma extracts.

3: Avoid negative coping. It's tempting to mask our pain with alcohol or drugs, but they only make things worse. Find a positive outlet to channel this energy during tough times, like art, music, exercise, creative writing, and more.

4: Ask for help when you need it. Admitting we need help and leaning on our loved ones is not a weakness. It’s Growing Bolder. Community is immunity, and it can take a village to navigate tough times.

It is especially key to ask for help when preparing for the big transitions we face later in life. Caring Transitions stands with, and for, all those looking to make a positive change in their lifestyle in order to live a life that they love.

For some, this could mean cleaning out and decluttering their home from years of accumulated odds and ends that have taken over their living space. For others, it could mean downsizing from a large home that is exhausting to keep up with to a smaller, more manageable property that suits their later years. And if you are looking to age in place, or move to an assisted living community, there are countless options to explore that can help you get the most out of life.

Caring Transitions of Treasure Valley can handle it all. Our experts are eager to help during these stressful times of transition, with an individualized plan that will fit your specific needs, and a team ready to handle all the physical labor required.

No matter what life may throw your way, remember that aging is a blessing. Every year we spend on earth is time to do the things we love with the people we love.

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