Creating A Cozy Holiday Home

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From lush rich textures to the warm glow of the right lighting, creating a cozy space is a large part of the allure of the holiday season. When you gather with family and friends, you want your home to feel warm and inviting for each of your guests.

See our tips to give your home a feeling of warmth, comfort, and relaxation for the holiday season.


The living room is a guest’s introduction to your home in most cases. It tells a story of who lives there, and the moments shared in that space. As you choose holiday décor that compliments your home, try incorporating some of these pre-loved items into your design scheme. 


Warm rich hues like red or purple can infuse the room with vibrant holiday-friendly flare, warmth, and texture. White, greens or blues give a cool cozy feel. When shopping for a preowned rug, look for high-quality fibers free of stains, discoloration, or water damage.


Pre-owned lighting fixtures not only save you money, they can also add a one-of-a-kind touch to the way a room is decorated. Be sure to find out about the wiring of the fixture, bulb size and wattage before making the purchase.


Find great books, vintage bobbles, or small decorative statues and figurines that bring character and enhance the narrative of your home. Perfectly placed conversation pieces with holiday themes in gold or bronze tones complement a warm color palette. 


Consider repurposing old sweaters to create pillow covers with texture or thrifting holiday hued pillows at an estate sale or online auction. Pillows and throws can tie in your holiday theme colors or patterns throughout gathering spaces.



The dining room is likely the second most popular gathering place in your home after the living room. It’s essential to entertaining and the perfect space to put your best welcoming foot forward.  See our ideas below for upcycling common items to breath new life into something “new to you.” 


Give candles an upscale update by repurposing glass containers as candleholders or decorating existing candleholders. Candles give your dining area a cozy glow while bringing in subtle pops of color. Layer clear glass or other textured holders to create a centerpiece. 


Bring a bit of nature into your dining space using natural items like fruits, vegetables, nuts, rocks, or flowers as a table focal point in your holiday décor. This is a perfect way to add color and breathe natural beauty into your holiday tablescape. 


From abstract sculptures to sprawling impressionist canvases, art can bring personality and color to any room. Use art to incorporate a color theme or add texture with metal, wood, or other dimensional works of art. 


Using a mix of textures allows you to layer color and style varieties to create a unique look for your dining room. Colorful ceramic dishware paired with jewel-tone glassware can be used to dress your dining room and create an inviting feast for the eyes.


Whether you add a colorful theme or texture to the room or well-placed decorative accessories use the ideas above to make your home cozy. It’s simple to update the look of your space with upcycled, reclaimed or repurposed decorative accessories. These items flaunt character and enhance the narrative of your holiday theme.


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