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Benefit from using a Professional Estate Sale Service

 Posted by Albert Dickson on July 11, 2016 at 5:42 PM

What are the benefits of using an estate sale service?

Many of the activities involved in hosting an estate sale may sound like holding a yard sale or garage sale, something many homeowners have done themselves. While there are certainly similarities, estate sales operate on a much larger scale, and often deal with items of more value. It is possible for an individual or family to have an estate sale without professional assistance, but hiring a service can make the process much less stressful and more profitable.

Benefits of hiring an estate sale service include:

  • Saves time and energy. Family members don’t need to personally sort and catalog every item in a home, or worry about how to set up and run the sale.
  • Reduces stress. Professionals offload the burden of managing all of the “stuff” and provide an objective, experienced perspective in an emotionally fraught process.
  • Increases revenue. Estate sale companies know which items are most valuable to buyers and price your items accordingly, helping families make the most of the downsizing or liquidation process.
  • Boosts visibility. By marketing and advertising your sale, service providers ensure that you attract as many buyers as possible.
  • Adds credibility. Professional estate sales carry a greater perceived value than family-run sales, attracting a higher quantity and quality of customers – sometimes up to several thousand people in a day!
  • What services are provided by estate sale companies?

    Whether an estate sale company is assisting with an entire estate liquidation or helping with the downsizing process, they typically offer an end-to-end set of services that help families transition out of the existing home. Services provided by estate sale companies may include:

    Preparing for the estate sale

    • Meeting with an estate attorney if necessary
    • Helping decide what to sell, what to donate, what to keep in the family, what to move, etc.
    • Determining what can and cannot fit in a new home
    • Organizing and sorting personal belongings according to individual wishes and/or a will or trust
    • Cleaning items for sale as necessary
    • Inventory and photographing items for sale
    • Appraising items to be sold and determine most profitable sales method (in-home estate sale, online auction, antique dealer, private collector, etc.)
    • Cleaning and preparing the house
    • Advertising and marketing the sale

    Running the estate sale

    • Staging the home and its contents for optimal flow and visibility
    • Organizing items for sale attractively with clear pricing
    • Managing the sale the day of, including customer service, traffic flow, purchases, inventory management, bookkeeping, and hosting
    • Providing security to direct cars and secure valuables
    • Selling items via other venues such as online auctions or direct to dealers if optimal

    After the estate sale

    • Taking follow-up inventory
    • Coordinating removal of remaining items, such as donations or delivery of heirlooms or inherited items to family members or new owners
    • Accounting for profits from sale and any additional legal or financial considerations, such as tax deductions from donations
    • Arranging for storage if necessary
    • Preparing the existing home to be sold, often including cleaning and/or repairs


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